Raise your hand if your skin goes mad during winter! The constant change of temperature between inside and outside, plus the hard and cold wind, are your worse enemy. It irritates your skin and leaves it dry, sensitive: it is a nightmare. You need to change your daily routine each seasons to treat it correctly. Here are our 5 advices to give back a smooth appearance to your skin.

  • DRINK!

We will never emphasize enough the importance of drinking regularly throughout the day. Your body is majorly constituted of water, which is stocked in your skin cells and gives you this plump look. Choosing the right moisturizing products definitely helps, but nothing can beat 2 liters of water a day. Fill up your glass!


You might take another look at the products you are using. If some make-up removers or purifying masks suit you in summer, chances are that they become too agressive for the epidermis with the colder months. Let your skin take a break from strong cleaners, or at least reduce their frequency to give your skin more time to repair in-between.


A common myth is that exfoliation is the solution to get rid of crackling patches. This is totally fake! By exfoliating, you create another agression and you worsen the situation. Apply a thick nourishing cream on the concerned area and repeat until it get betters. In no way it will make you look greasy and your skin will thank you.


As enjoyable as it is, taking long hot showers or bath does not help. It warms you for a short time but it takes out the oil at the surface of your skin. Using lukewarm water is far more beneficial.


An easy but effective way to help without completely changing your routine is to add a serum before you apply your day cream. If chosen according to your skin type, the fluid is quickly absorbed and does not leave an oily feeling on the skin. It will bring a new glow to your tone.

Do you have other tips? Share them in the comments, we want to know your secrets too!

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