When it comes to taking care of our skin, we tend to have a lot of products: cream, serum, mask, spray, gel… We don’t count the number of face care we have tried anymore. The same goes for our hair. And now considers that: how many things are there in your daily routine to take care of your lashes?

Your eyebrows and eyelashes require a specific attention as well but it is often forgotten. As a result, they become thin, weak, they  easily fall. Applying mascara does not help. If you do not want to layers up the products and stay simple, luckily some serums give us an all-in-one effect: they treat and they enhance their natural appearance!


The Luxe Lash Serum by Lescale keeps its promises and it offers you incredible results in a short time. To begin with, it reinforces the lashes and eyebrows by acting directly at their roots and make them thicker. They becomes more resistant against the daily aggressions, such as mascara or the use of a make-up remover.

Then, the growth is actively stimulated. It means that, not only do they grow longer, but the number of lashes is increased so the frange is denser. You only have to dedicate one minute a day to apply the product, and after 4 weeks, you will be amazed by what it does. It has never been so easy to pamper your look! Since actions speak louder than words, click here to watch their video and see how simple the application is.

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