When you have perfectly applied your favorite lipstick, you dont want the color to fade after half an hour only. Worse: you dont want it to spread all over your face as soon as you speak or drink something! Finding a product that has the perfect color and texture is already hard, but finding one that lasts on top of that… This is an ( almost ) impossible task. There is a quick and effective way to make sure your lipstick stays correctly and does not move around your mouth. You just need three things: a face powder, a brush and a piece of toilet paper.



  1. First, put on your lipstick as you would normally do.
  2. Open your lips and slightly press the paper on top. It will remove the excess of product that might move later.
  3. Take another clean piece of paper, put it again on top of your lips and apply face powder on top of the paper.


It might sound strange but it will make the lipstick stays longer just as it does for your foundation. Since it matts the color, you can either enjoy the new shade or apply another coat to bring back the original effect.


Here you are, with the easiest answer to make your lipstick stays longer. You can repeat it later if necessary and not worry about how it looks after a few drinks!

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